We are thrilled to introduce the Foundation's newest outreach drive, "Clean and Dream." In partnership with Patient First and the Dental Group at Reston Station, we are on a mission to create a minimum of 500 health and hygiene-themed bags for teens facing crisis situations in our community. These bags of love, filled with toiletries, an encouragement card, and a decorated pillowcases, will serve as a beacon of hope, encouraging recipients to dream big!

Did you know that access to basic hygiene products can significantly impact the well-being and self-esteem of youth, especially those experiencing crisis situations? Unfortunately, many young people in our community do not have regular access to these essential items, making it even more challenging for them to navigate already difficult circumstances. Access to wellness products alleviates stress, promotes social inclusion, and boosts overall health wellness, and confidence in students.


How can I help?

Throughout the month of May, we are calling on the support of Northwest employee, partners, and members to join us in this meaningful endeavor. You can help in one of three ways:  

  • Donate Today 

    Your contribution, whether monetary or in the form of toiletry items, will help us provide support to kids in crisis. Donate with confidence knowing that 100% of your contribution goes directly toward our mission.


  • Contribute new toiletry items in the month of May

    • Bath gel
    • Beauty samples
    • Brush
    • Chapstick
    • Comb
    • Conditioner
    • Deodorant
    • Diapers (sizes 4 - 6)
    • Facial wipes packs
    • Hair Ties
    • Individual tissue packs
    • Moisturizer
    • Pillow cases
    • Pull-Ups (any size)
    • Shampoo
    • Sunscreen tubes

    Items can be delivered to any Northwest Federal Credit Union branch or at our Foundation located at 220 Spring Street, Suite 120, Herndon, VA. Alternatively, you can make a monetary donation online.

  • Join our List of Partners 

    Interested in joining our list of partners for this impactful outreach drive?  Please email foundation@nwfcu.org for more information. Our valued outreach partners will have their logos prominently featured on our drive materials in exchange for a donation, which will be used to purchase products for students in need. 

Together, let's make dreams a reality for our community's youth in crisis. Join us in spreading hope and empowerment through the Clean and Dream outreach drive!