Monthly Drives

NWFCU researches and partners with impactful basic needs organizations that benefit children and families near our branches. NWFCU staff volunteer to deliver the supplies to the families in order to take the time to build relationships with those we serve.  To make a donation, stop by a branch during any of our drives or make a monetary donation online. In addition to the anchor organizations that NWFCU Foundation Drives support, staff at NWFCU branches select local organizations to support, ensuring we are helping children across the NWFCU community.

Food for Kids - February
NWFCU partners with Giant Foods to supply Helping Hungry Kids with nutritious food for children attending schools with high free and reduced meal rates. Helping Hungry Kids works with teachers to discretely fill children’s backpacks with food on Friday’s so that the family has food over the weekend.

Diaper Drive - May
NWFCU Foundation partners with the NOVA Diaper Bank to distribute diapers to families who cannot afford them. NOVA Diaper Bank is a small volunteer-run organization that distributed 198,000 diapers in 2022. Your donations provide diapers for the bank, and storage space for large donations from national distributors such as FEMA.

School Supplies - July
The annual Back to School Drive works with schools with high free meal rates to provide school supplies their kids need to succeed in school. NWFCU Foundation works with each school to identify their specific supply needs and purchases them at discounted rates through identified vendors. Last year, we worked with Lorton Elementary school to provide headphones and colored markers, “ “ in Arlington to get kids backpacks, and Sterling Elementary school to provide the most basic materials – notebooks, pencils, and erasers.

Coats for Kids – November
No child should have to get to school on cold winter days without a coat. In 2022, the Foundation distributed nearly 1,500 coats to families at Herndon Middle and Sterling Elementary schools. Your donations help us to buy coats from Operation Warm, a nonprofit organization that manufactures and distributes affordable, high-quality coats and shoes for kids and their families through a network of partners including the NWFCU Foundation.